Ai Ai Ai!!!!

Jasmine Rodgers at the Biennale Venice 2011 by Ottilie Wright

Back from the Biennale in Venice! I was performing at the Gervasuti Foundation who hosted the Iraq, Bangladesh and Indonesia Pavilions. Check out their site for more details:

All very chaotic but amazing nevertheless and I got to hear some great music and see some interesting art. Here’s a shot of me wailing my head off with the percussive aid of Alberto Stocco and Madi from Senegal- it sounded fantastic…guess you had to be there. 😉

Jasmine Rodgers at the Biennale Venice 2011 by Andrea Michelon Prodoscimi

Since then I’ve been recording my new songs with Dan Carey and all I can say about it is that I’ve never been so happy and so excited about working with someone as I am about working with Dan…. 🙂

Playing tomorrow at the Regal Rooms in Hammersmith, London and on Monday at the Bedford in Balham, London. Come along- I’ll be playing some new songs …..

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