Check out this nice review (if you read Spanish) of Night Song remixed by Drew Downing

December sees me leave my den to gig in London, Hastings and in Vicenza….

1st December I will be providing music at the Word Cafe, a festival of spoken word with award winners such as the lovely Julie Mullen at the Pleasance Theatre in Angel, London.


5th December I will be supporting The Remedy and the 12 piece Harlequin Dynamite at the fantastic Finsbury, North East London. It will be free and it will be full so come early. I’m on at 8:30pm.

14th December I’ll be playing in The Kave Gallery, St Leonards on Sea. Doors open at 7pm. I’ve never played here before and I’m really excited to be near the sea. 🙂 Support by The Good for Nothing Poet and more details to follow.!events/ch4i


I’ll be playing in Italy with a beautiful band. Even more details to follow…

I’ve been getting annoyed with politics and people like Russell Brand, namely because I agree with alot of what he says, but I don’t want to, just because. I am going to vote, even though some people believe that abstaining raises the point about their disenchantment with UK politics, it’s important to me as a woman to make use of something that my sisters fought so hard for and I do believe in a democracy. My political beliefs are half-baked at the best of times, I garner my opinions from bits and bobs that I read before getting distracted by raccoons eating grapes and other glorious videos like that. I may vote for Green or some other party than the big three/four/grapes?…I mean, that is an option. We have a beautiful planet, or it has us.


Here’s the raccoon vid…I know you were aching to see it.



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