Rest in Peace to the Starman. Enough said by all really, but I was able to celebrate David Bowie’s life with the rest of the good people who came to visit his birth town in Brixton. It’s a testament to the community too that opened its doors to everyone, and so many of the venues played his music through the night.

Paying respects in Brixton
Paying respects in Brixton

RIP also Alan Rickman, Otis Clay, Glenn Frey and Dale Griffin. January seems like a bleak time of year but I’m hoping that you are having a good one so far.

I visited Wandsworth Radio the other day to talk with Andrew Green on @NextUp_Radio about Blood Red Sun and was blown away by how welcome Andrew and Anna made me. I performed Icicles live and they also played Blood Red Sun and Underwater featuring Scott Matthews.


Big hugs


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