So now the jet lag has settled and the pitter patter scrabbling of rats between the ceiling and the floor above has kept me awake instead. Hey ho, Spring is coming. This post is more like me sharing holiday snaps really, because I went out to California to catch up with family. I did manage to play a gig at Schmidy’s Tavern in Palm Desert, which was great and is my first official solo gig in the States, thank you, Phil Lacombe for booking me. Rick Shelley opened the show and played beautiful heartfelt songs. I also had the joy of meeting Eleni P. Austin (who reviewed the album) and her wife Jan, who put me up (put up with me?) for the weekend of the show.


Tracey Dietlin, who runs Coachella Valley Weekly, interviewed me before the show and you can read her article here. Thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcome and hopefully I’ll be back in the Autumn. Visiting the desert last year really inspired me and Shaping Up to Be was pretty much finished there. Something about all that space when I’ve been living in smelly old wonderful London helps me to find my voice again. The first time I ever saw a desert was in Egypt, and I could hear the wind over the Sahara. This time though, in the States, there were beautiful flowers because they have had rain and the Joshua Trees were glowing. Next up I will be performing at the very well loved Troubadour in West London at Pete Brown’s music and poetry event, featuring also Malcolm Bruce. You can purchase tickets here



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