I’ve been enjoying making cynical comments about the Olympic preparations but I did actually really enjoy the opening ceremony. There were some weird bits but the most of it was beautiful and nicely done. Is it bad that I was surprised? I intend to support Team GB, Team Japan and Team anyone who looks like they’re about to win something.

I recently played up in Nottingham at the Mela Fest 2012, hosted by the New Art Exchange. It was a beautiful day with loads of different cultures meeting in one place. Mendi Mohinder Singh  accompanied me on tablas and it sounded great! I’m looking forward to more gigs like that!

Here’s a pic at the NAE:

Jasmine Rodgers and Mendi Mohinder sing at the Mela Fest 2012. Photography by Bartosz Kali

Next up for August I have two gigs, one is in aid of Shooting Stars and Chase charities and is based in Godalming Surrey, August 16th at the Star.

After that  I’ll be playing at the Half Moon in Putney, SW London, it’s a well known venue, and although I’ve seen loads of people play there I’ve never played before, so come and support me!!!

Enjoy the sun and enjoy the rain, might as well….

Jas xxx

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