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The launch was such a beautiful night, with Sean Genockey (guitar), John Hogg (bass and vocals), Kamil Bartnik (drums) and guesting cellist Calum Ingram who, like Kamil, came and played beautifully last minute. A huge thank you to Chris Sharpe,  Giedre Zaveckaite and Nick Mee from Lost in the Manor for being unendingly supportive! Support by Natalie Bouloudis and the Woods. Photography by Big Red Productions.


My last gig of the year was at the fabulous Olympic Cinemas music night, curated by Chris Kimsey, held at the former Olympic Studios, where untold amounts of incredible musicians have recorded seminal pieces. Here’s a nice pic of myself and John Hogg, with thanks to John, Sean Genockey and Andy Treacey who played the drums for us. So cool to try out a new song, now I’m going to hibernate and write some more.

Jasmine Rodgers and John Hogg soundcheck at the Olympic Studios. Photography by Janie Price.


See you in January


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