First single from the album Blood Red Sun. Recorded and produced by Dan Carey, mastered by Ed Woods.  The video was devised by Jane Judd, who led the choreography of the D2D Dance company and the Icicles Dance Company. Some of the ladies you see are well into their seventies, and I love how graceful they are when they begin to dance. I hope that I will be that effervescent at that age. The filming and editing was by Floodwater Films. Also released will be the remix by Jojo F.

Icicles and Sense both showcase the breadth of the album, and possibly to highlight what a mixed bag of things I really am. Sense was recorded and produced by Sean Genockey and mastered by Ed Woods and features John Hogg on bass and bus and Dan Kavanagh on drums, with Sean on additional guitar.

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Icicles/Sense “AA” single

Release Date : June 17, 2016