My sincere intention this Autumn…

…is to hide myself away from the rain and the wind and come out again with a beautiful collection of songs that I love, never mind you and if you love them!

Before I do that I’m heading over to Venice to play for the Gervasuti Foundation. It’s a chaotic and crazy venue and Venice is very wet when there’s a squall, sigh, but I’ll make the effort…;)

Up in the olive groves....

Up in the olive groves….


Obviously it will be beautiful and amazing, so if you are visiting the Venice Biennale this Sunday (15th September) evening then I’m doing a strictly ukelele set.

Thank you to everybody who has bought my EP, attended a gig, written a lovely email, liked a post and just been a friend. I do read all of your messages and if I haven’t yet answered then I will soon.

Is it Autumn now?

Ladies and gents,

I’m keeping a low profile at the moment and focusing on songwriting but I love your feedback so keep it coming. I did however play at Berkofest in September- thank you to the organisers for a great day.

Jasmine plays at Berkofest 2012

While you are getting ready to carve your pumpkins, build your zombie faces and generally prepare for hibernation, I will be continuing my songwriting and sourcing new venues to visit. All of your suggestions have been fantastic- keep ’em coming, and I will be venturing further afield next year.

On the 7th November, I’m going to be playing at a new rock venue in London called the Rattlesnake of Angel. There’s a lot of good feeling about this venue and I’m intrigued… so come and join me xx