I’m so excited to share this project created by sound/visual artist Robs Pugliese, myself and Fabrizio Sotti, virtuoso guitarist and Italian producer but now American by adoption for many years. It was lockdown, we had wanted to work together for years and suddenly we had time to. 
Lyrically, I was thinking about the games being played internationally at the time. I felt like we were on a precipice….

Quiet Joys of Brotherhood

Jasmine Rodgers, Jenny Sturgeon, Jonny Hardie

A lockdown collaboration between Jasmine Rodgers, Jenny Sturgeon and Jonny Hardie. A cover of the very beautiful song sang by the incredible Sandy Denny, the words are by Richard Farina and set to the Irish air, My Lagan Love. It's such a gorgeous song and the words resonate so much. All moneys to the Woodland Trust, who's efforts to protect and grow the UK's native woods and trees. Everybody working on this did so for free, so huge thanks to Ed Woods for mastering, and Anne Campbell for her gorgeous image.
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Jasmine Rodgers

“Flies” is a lyrical study of mortality, and once again showcases the ethereal beauty of her vocals, whilst driven by her folky finger-picking guitar technique.
"Rodgers certainly has a way with words and is an amazing songwriter." The Music Below

Jasmine Rodgers vocals, guitar, piano
Co produced with Sean Genockey
Mixed by Sean Genockey
Additional mix by Dean James Barratt
Mastered by Ed Woods
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  1. Flies

Flies (Dutch Clay Remix)

Jasmine Rodgers, Dutch Clay

Remixed by Dutch Clay, released on 6th November 2020. Original written and performed by Jasmine Rodgers. Co-produced and mixed by Sean Genockey. Black Dog Studios. Mastered by Ed Woods Mastering. Published by May Music Ltd.
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Underwater (Live at Kore Studios)

Jasmine Rodgers, Scott Matthews, Danny Keane

Live recording of Jasmine Rodgers, Scott Matthews and Danny Keane at Kore Studios on 16th May 2019. Underwater originally featured on the album Blood Red Sun (2016) but this new recording is a live take from Kore Studios, West London. After supporting Scott on the tour of his album The Great Untold, Jasmine asked Scott and Danny if they'd be up for playing Underwater all together in this amazing studio. They said yes, and this is the result- to have everyone in the same room together playing live creates such a different energy and especially after getting to know these good people. Huge thanks to the incredibly generous and talented Scott Matthews and Danny Keane. Thanks to Pavel Radu at Ropo Films for filming this, Mark Knight for engineering and Ed Woods for mastering.
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Blood Red Sun

Jasmine Rodgers

Blood Red Sun was written by Jasmine Rodgers and recorded at Black Dog Studios. Produced and mixed by Sean Genockey. Mastered by Ed Woods. Featuring Scott Matthews, Hotei Tomoyasu, Danny Keane, Dan Kavanagh, Charlie Morton and John Hogg.
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    Sense 3:05
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Icicles remix

Jasmine Rodgers

Producer and 3Starz signee Jojo F’s euphoric remix of ‘Icicles’ is a radical makeover that unexpectedly layers the song atop the fervent rhythms of trance-like EDM. That the resulting version, complete with original vocal and ukulele parts, is so joyously thrilling is testimony to both the vision of the producer and the resilient melodies of Jasmine’s initial recording.
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  1. Icicles remix